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We are leaders is the application of truly solvent free, epoxy based, high pressure, hot spray tank lining and surface coating products. Our highly skilled staff carry out all the work from refurbishment of old tanks (if required), preparation of the surfaces and application of the product to quality control of the finished surface, which is strictly controlled to ensure many years of service from the lining or coating.

A formidable machine born of fundamental physics and harmless substances. The Emplast Jet Stripper equipment is used for delicate and environmentally sensitive work.

Stainless Wine tanks that were badly heat and smoke stained due to a fire were cleaned back to a new finish without the need to remove the wine from the tanks.

The Cecil John Rhodes memorial and surrounding marble work was defaced with red enamel paint. Jet Stripper came to the rescue. All the marble work including the bronze bust was cleaned to the satisfaction of the Parks and Forestry Board. Other methods would have required many days to carry out, whereas the Jet Stripper took only 4 hours including clean up.

The environment, water reticulation and general health and safety is a way of life for the Jet Stripper. The environmentally safe and water soluble blast medium is welcomed into the effluent treatment systems by the local authorities.

Buildings, wall and structures contaminated by pollution, graffiti, fire, smoke, corrosion, the delicate outer skins of jet aircraft and conveyers in bottling plants during production are no match for the Jet Stripper.


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