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Munkadur and Permacor products are state-of-the-art tank and surface lining compounds developed and manufactured by Munk & Schmitz and DuPont respectively, of Germany. They have found world-wide acceptance in the food and beverage, water and petrochemical industries and with the world's toughest standards authorities. Their rugged properties and solvent free constitution ensure that they can withstand chemical and mechanical abuse and are easy to clean.

The German standards authority TUV found Munkadur so effective as a barrier between product and tank, that Munk & Schmitz are permitted to design steel tanks without the mandatory corrosion factor being added to the thickness of the material.

Apart from the shared features mentioned above, each product has specific characteristics which have made them leaders in their areas.

Technical Data Chemical Data

Munkadur® was developed for general application in the food and beverage industries. Its properties ensure that it can withstand the chemical and alcohol levels encountered in those industries.

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Munkadur GL® was developed for the brewing sector of the beverages industry. It was found that the product has a greater tendency to stick to the sides of the storage vessels and was more difficult to clean off. Munkadur GL has additional anti-stick qualities which allow for greater ease of cleaning.

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D-Plast® was developed for high alcohol content (96%) resistance for the brandy, spirit and general chemical industry. It is also ideally suited to the road and rail tanker industry.

  Product Data

Permacor® 2807 HS/A is an antistatic lining developed specifically for the petrochemical industry. The levels of chemical attack and the ever present danger of fire and gas explosions at refineries and storage facilities required the development of a special lining. With product being pumped at high volumes, the unstable nature of the product and the presence of highly inflammable fumes, sparks caused by static electricity are a great danger. Permacor has high resistance to chemical attack and special antistatic qualities which eliminate static and the corresponding danger of accidental ignition.

Although Emplast is the sole Southern African licensee for these products, we will also use another product if it is better suited to an application or when specified by a client.


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