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In the production and storage of wine, what is the life expectancy of Munkadur classic lining?
This has yet to be determined. Munkadur, in its current form, was first used in concrete and mild steel tanks in November 1966. The linings applied then are still 100% intact.

In the spirit distillery industry, products often have high alcohol content. What is the life expectancy of D-Plast under these circumstances?
D-Plast is resistant to 96% alcohol concentration and has been used on mild steel and concrete tanks since November 1967. The original linings are still 100% intact.

Who applies the lining?
Emplast (Pty) Ltd prefers to undertake the operation from start to finish. Every facet of the job is critical to its overall success. For quality control purposes we need to know that each stage has been completed in a faultless manner.

What guarantees are offered by Emplast?
Emplast offers a one year warranty as is the standard in the linings industry. However, we have a reputation for quality and reliability that reaches back to 1926. With the correct treatment, tank linings we install should last indefinitely. In the unlikely event of failure, we would be prepared to negotiate a reasonable outcome.

How long has Emplast been lining tanks?
Our parent company, Munk and Schmitz GmbH & Co, started their tank lining division in Cologne in 1926 and opened their South African business, Emaillit Works in 1952. After various name changes and only its second generation of management, this same company has been trading as Emplast (Pty) Ltd since 1992.

Does Emplast only line the interiors of tanks?
Until 2001 tank lining was our sole activity. Since then we have diversified and now handle any project requiring industrial corrosion protection.

Does Emplast only use products they manufacture or have a license agreement for?
Emplast will work with any product the client selects. We guarantee the workmanship, but the product guarantee will be the responsibility of the supplier or the client.

Will Emplast offer advice and give technical backup?
We do offer a consulting service. If this results in a contract for work to be done by Emplast, the consulting service will not be charged for.

Is tank lining an expensive undertaking?
Lining tanks is one of the best investments you can ever make. Linings we applied in 1966 are still 100% original and 100% intact. When compared to tank coating, which has to be replaced every five to ten years, tank lining will realise a 700% saving in the medium to long term.

Is it easy to repair a tank lining in the event of damage?
With the requisite skills and equipment, lining repair is a routine matter.

Does Emplast work only in the Western Cape?
Certainly not! We have lined tanks as far as Maputo, Mozambique and Luanda, Angola. Emplast holds licence agreements for sub-Saharan Africa and we have the capacity and ability to service the entire southern hemisphere.

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