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EMFLOOR, the industrial flooring division of Emplast (Pty) Ltd, is an approved applicator of PMC-SCREED Industrial Flooring as well as all epoxy and polyurethane floor screeds and coatings.

Emplast's heritage dates back to 1952. An acknowledged leader in true,solvent-free epoxy- based, high pressure, hot-spray lining and surface coating technology, specializing in the protection of all surfaces, Emplast services the continents leading companies in the food and beverage, petrochemical, waste treatment and water supply industries.

As a result of a strategic plan to extend their superior service to industry, a subsidiary division aimed at the industrial flooring sector has been formed.

At the heart of any specialist contracting operation is a body of workers - skilled artisans - the people who see to it that the high-tech materials they are called on to install are correctly applied. EMFLOOR is able to draw on a pool of very experienced artisans who have been with the company for many years.

EMFLOOR will concentrate on the application of the newly launched PMC-SCREED heavy duty flooring. PMC-SCREED is a polymer modified concrete (PMC) system. PMC flooring has been widely used in the USA and EU countries for well over 30 years, particularly in the food and beverage industries. PMC-SCREED boasts many firsts, one of the most lauded being the fact that these floors are guaranteed for up to 10 years. Cement based, PMC-SCREED floors are far less expensive than petroleum-based epoxies and poly-urethanes. When viewed in terms of 'cost-of-ownership' over the expected life of the floor of 20 years (without replacement) PMC-SCREED floors cost less than the detergents used for cleaning them!

EMFLOOR is gearing up for a huge demand for this type of flooring as financial and engineering departments compare notes and take cognizance of the fact that huge savings can be effected by installing PMC-SCREED flooring, either during the original construction of the facility or during renovations when under-performing floors have to be replaced.

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